The religion of the unbeliever.

atheism |ˈāθēˌizəm|
the theory or belief that God does not exist.
atheist noun
atheistic |ˌāθēˈistik| adjective
atheistical |-ˈistikəl| adjective
ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from French athéisme, from Greek atheos, from a- ‘without’ + theos ‘god.’

The belief that there is no god is called atheism. Atheism is as much a religious belief as any other faith based system. It requires it’s own proof and is so lacking it’s rendered ridiculous. In time we will explore both sides of this issue, however, spoiler alert, there is no evidence to disprove the majesty of the Creator’s design or creation. And since we know that in the end God wins, you might want to think about making both the easiest and wisest decision you can make in this life, given you already know the winner, don’t be stupid, make the right choice to be on His team.

I’m a simple Christian, in all sincerity, in all seriousness, I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.

Atheists are a very rare breed. On the one hand they are a tiny little minority but given our growing secular and subjective society they are given a big voice. Yes, they are a loud and obnoxious bunch, but they are no match for truth.

Even though in many cases they claim religion to be dangerous and the greatest threat to humanity they don’t seem to understand the clear correlation to their freedom of expression, the principles of free-will liberty and the tolerant Christian societies within which they proclaim their non-sense and act as rabble rousers. Something their dishonesty prevents them from acknowledging.

Atheists will claim on the one hand, that what other people believe doesn’t really matter to them, yet they try to extinguish it everywhere it appears, they have no tolerance for the free speech of the believers — even when the believers society allows them all the free speech they can muster up. Atheists will start an argument, throw out some outlandish claims and then refuse to answer retorts, saying they don’t have to, that a person is not obligated to prove a negative. They get to do all the bomb throwing but none of the bomb catching. How convenient! For a passive lot they spend countless hours engaging Christians (writing articles, maintaining web sites and blogs) trying to tear down the faith of believers in order to win converts for their lord, the prince of darkness, Satan. Atheists spend much of their time on social media, blogs, debate, even writing books and making movies to prove their atheism and disprove Christianity, but cry foul when their fallacious arguments get challenged with rebuttals.

Atheists believe there is only matter, physical natural material things, and nothing else. Yet they take for granted that much of the world and even their own mind consists of things that are immaterial. They chalk up immaterial reality, like the laws of logic or the laws of physics to simple actions or functions of the brain, conventions and learned behaviors. Yet thoughts, motives, things like numbers and letters, many things we take for granted are not physical but are just as real as you and I. Why does this matter? Because Atheists say there is no God – only physical things like golden calves. They refuse to believe that their can be a God who is above nature and not part of nature, but an immaterial being that created it all. It appears only the unbeliever cannot see that which is immaterial. A judge and a jury can see “motive,” even though it is no where to be found on the table of physical evidence evidence inside the court room.

Atheists put their faith in science (which by the way, is part of God’s great creation). Atheists believe in a material only universe that is random, arbitrary, void of absolute morality, ethics and compassion. Yet in a worldview of chaos they claim they can believe in order, that because of their experience and knowledge of the past the future will be the same, who says? Uniformity and order is not possible in their mathematically impossible worldview of chance.

The ignorant Atheist grows up in the Christian world, steals from the Christian worldview what he wants, (complexity, order, science, morality, ect.) rejects the rest, and builds his own false worldview on what appears to be logic and reason, when it is in fact absurdity (and stolen truths) masking itself as a genuine philosophy.

Atheists believe that over millions and billions of years, evolution (with no proof, physical or otherwise, transitional or immediate, eye witnessed, or reproducible) has produced everything from a single cell primordial goo soup to the intelligent progressive modern man. All with nothing to back up this massive leap of faith (or shall I say disbelief). Atheism is a fairytale at best and a fraud at worse perpetrated on this earth by the prince of darkness. There is not a shred of evidence for “macro evolution” anywhere at anytime — the changing of one kind or species into a new kind or species, never, ever, ever, ever!

FACT: Every previous claim that I know of — falsly showing modern man as evolving from lower species have been discredited —- Piltdown Man, Neanderthal & Cro-magnon man.

FACT: Darwin believed his evolutionary theory would be proved with the extinction of the inferior black race & lower races.

FACT: Darwin believed his evolutionary theory would be proved with the finding of massive amounts of fossils to show conclusively the transitional creatures required for his theory to be true.

As a Christian, I simply don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.  I simply can’t in good conscience blindly disregard the overwhelming amount of evidence for Christ, the Son of God, for a worldview of absolute absurdity.  Atheism begins by planting its feet in mid-air, claiming that this majestic and glorious and massive universe arose from nothing, by nothing, into everything we materially know — but yet are still so far from understanding.  We know that there was a big bang event and that the universe it continually expanding.  We know that if we could rewind time and watch it — just like a movie — the imagery would show the universe reversing, getting smaller and smaller until it became the tiny spot of light that first appeared, when “In the beginning God created…” it all, as is recorded in Genesis 1:1

Does not a creation need a Creator?
Does not a design need a Designer?
Does not a building need a Builder?
Does not a writing need a Writer?
Does not a painting need a Painter?

The atheistic notion that a sudden big bang (not in dispute here) could without purpose and direction, become our universe is as preposterous as an explosion in a print shop producing a dictionary or a tornado in a junk yard producing a jet aircraft. It’s really not laughable, it’s sad that some can think in this way.

How likely would it be for a person who was given all the parts to a pocket watch and placed them inside a burlap bag and shook it, and shook it and shook it, to end up with a functioning watch? And how long after that would it take before this working watch was keeping accurate time? Of course the answer is NEVER! Yet some want to claim this is how we ended up with an entire universe that is working in harmony with all it’s gazillion parts.

And while this scenerio is impossible — don’t forget we were starting out with all the necessary parts. Macro evolution is just as, if not more, illogical for it begins with none of its parts but produces them over time ‘out of thin air’ as it somehow sees need for them? If that isn’t the criteria for entry into the looney bin of ridicule, I don’t know what is.

How does a fish go from gill breathing to having lungs over time? How does the complexity of an eye develop gradually? How and why would hermaphrodites evolve male and female sex organs when reproduction is working just fine? The atheist, equally with the evolutionist have, it seems to me, 100 unanswered and unanswerable questions for every clever one they pose.

If everything else in our universe that we are aware of has at its beginning a creator, if every action or motion has a motion maker, how does the universe, our world, get away with having nothing, nobody, just a big bang beginning — with no real explanation?

Who then is setting aside logic and reason and taking a gigantic leap of blind uninformed faith into the dark abyss?  Science tells us order and complexity requires a higher intelligence than the creature it created? Science tells us that there is order and complexity. Yet the materialist, the naturalist, the evolutionist, the atheist has no grounds upon which to make the claim that his worldview of random, arbitrariness has or can be anything other than chaos and chance.

Life does not come from death!
Something does not come from nothing!
Order does not come from chaos!
Complexity does not come from simplicity!
Perfection does not come from deformity!
Goodness does not come from evil!
Light does not come from darkness!

But ignorance does come from the suppression of the truth — given to us by the Lord of Glory and Creator of all things. Romans 1:18-22


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