About CD

Cogitarus Dominus is one man’s patriotic attempt at disseminating simple yet invaluable common sense (our Founders referred to as self-evident truths) to this ignorantly rich generation. We are trumpeting the need to restore the founding principles of our constitutional — limits on government and the judiciary, the promotion of free enterprise, a strong national defense, states rights, independence and sovereignty from world bodies and alliances. But most importantly the foundations of it all — traditional morality rooted in the Christian faith of western civilization — for which without it, none of it can be sustained.

Cogitarus Dominus believes, as did our Forefathers and Founders, that virtue must be defended at all cost and is the foundation of all liberty.  Without virtue, liberty is impossible! Virtue, like truth, is more important that any one individual and must be protected, promoted and sustained if the lure of tyranny, with its corrupting influence upon the mind of man, is to be kept at bay.

Cogitarus Dominus is not sustained or supported by or affiliated with any political party, group, entity, organization, special interest or elected person. We have no advertisers, sponsors or donations and carry no one’s water.  We are not an echo but our own independent expressions of organic thoughts and beliefs sincerely rooted in the purity of truth.

Cogitarus Dominus’ goal is to reach those willing to listen, learn and grow, whose mind is yet still open — not open so far that their brain has fallen out nor closed to the comfort of their (bias’) presuppositions and willful ignorance.

Cogitarus Dominus blog is protected speech pursuant to the “unalienable rights” of all men, and in accordance with the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America which has bound the federal government from any interference in the area of private or public speech. Congress shall make NO law regarding speech, period!

Our opinions are graciously considered by several online publishers and often published at AmericanThinker.com and Eaglerising.com

Permission is granted to reproduce articles in whole including the author/bio line along with the web address of this blog (https://cogitarus.wordpress.com).  To edit or otherwise print in part or without the bio line and/or web address does require written permission.

Copyright © 2014 Cogitarus Dominus


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