When Did Patriotism Become unAmerican?

The New York Times recently published an article documenting the funneling of millions of dollars in donations to Washington-based think tanks by foreign governments. This is nothing short of influence peddling.  We all know you never bite the hand that feeds you, so this money will come with some implicit strings attached even if it not explicitly said. This is very disturbing, but something similar has been happening for years at the collegiate and university levels of academia.

Tens of millions of dollars have poured in from middle eastern countries to American colleges and universities.  From countries whose support of, or at best, lack of resolve against terrorism is of great concern.  The ramifications of this money and its obvious influence, has trickled down to the local high school and middle school levels through perverted histories on the “Rise of Islam” in the medieval history curriculum. Islam once known as ruthless and barbaric, integral in the profitable global slave trade and the killing of 270 million human beings in the process, is now being portrayed as a religion of peace and a culture of innovation, equality, tolerance and spiritual enlightenment.

When fellow Americans are attacked, sometimes in an orchestrated fashion, by government officials, politicians, the media and Muslim advocacy groups for daring to stand up and say they are concerned about the security and safety of their country and the soundness of their government, you must ask yourself, why?

Why would it be controversial or racist or phobic to ask whether a porous border is a national security risk?  Or if the infiltration of the government by foreign influences or individuals with foreign or religious allegiances not uniquely American, pose a national security risk? Americans should take notice and wonder why it has become so unAmerican to be concerned about American security and the allegiances and alliances of those working inside government?

During the cold war we had constant intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence work being done seeking traitors in our midst. Have we forgotten these spies did not stand up and announce themselves — they had to be caught.  And even at that, only a tiny minority were ever found out.  Today we scoff at those who suggest we even look for espionage or question one’s loyalties based on their allegiances. Who knows if the government has even one brave soul left who is trying to root out the anti-American entities that are assuredly there. This goes way beyond espionage, the current band of termites in the White House are not hiding the fact that they have sympathies elsewhere.

Have we forgotten FBI agent Robert Hanssen (2001) or CIA officer Aldrich Ames, (1994) who were both caught spying? We fought fascism and Nazism and communism and actively hunted for the enemy within during those times of war.  Today political correctness keeps us from even talking about hunting for the Islamic spy, that we know are already walking the halls of government.

Obama’s own Department of Homeland Security Advisor Mohamed Elibiary posted the R4BIA Muslim Brotherhood logo as a salute on his Twitter page. This is a brazen in your face gesture. When it happens we need to call them out on it — just like so many did. But be prepared because their response will be you’re an Islamophobe, not a patriot. They have learned how to use our politically correct culture against us.  The whistle-blower quickly becomes the issue, his motives are questioned, his character besmirched and the concern brought to the attention of the public is quietly forgotten.  Isn’t it legitimate to want to know if those advising the President share the same faith as ISIS, if they are loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood or America?  Sshh, we can’t talk about it…

Multiculturalism. Diversity. Tolerance. Self Esteem. Non-judgmentalism. The death of American Exceptionalism. These are the reasons, these are the diseases, these are the pollutants of an otherwise clear American mind.

Multiculturalism has supplanted E Pluribus Unum, the founding principle that we are one nation and one people and one culture with values so similar you can’t tell us apart — except by our color or age or accent. We have a common language and a common history. But how does it last if we don’t have a common destiny? Liberty was once America’s purpose — but today it is no longer an armada of Americans moving in the same direction, it’s an ocean of oarless canoes tossed by the waves of a sinking culture. All confused by whether or not they are unique, similar, the same or equal. We no longer know where we started or where we were headed.

America was once a nation that others longed to emigrate and assimilate into and become another thread in the fabric that makes the whole stronger. They had a genuine love for her, her greatness with humility, her power with mercy and her graceful pride. Immigrants dreamed of being part of that family.  They waited in long lines, the didn’t hop borders. Today, America is looking old and faded and is being taken advantage of like an old rich aunt with alzheimer’s who children rationalize that what is her’s will soon be mine anyway.

Rather than unifying under common values, building America up, honoring her justice and generosity we tear her down — we say she wasn’t perfect. We have redirected our focus from our ideals and many great achievements to our few short-comings. A paradigm shift has occurred, raising a new standard called “self loathing.” We even blame ourselves for daring to ask a question.

What we need more than ever is strong confrontation. We need to be kicking sand in some faces and calling people out. We need to be stomping on toes, turning over desks, we need to start calling to account those who work for us. We hold the most powerful weapon in an election year — the ballot.

Political correctness has become a virtual re-eduction camp for Americans.  From the the self esteem movement to the nonjudgmental movement, to the tolerance movement, to the diversity movement, we have replaced reality with illusion. What they all have in common is a weakening of objective moral standards and a strong nationalism. They lead to arbitrary subjective standards — that rather than solving problems — make the problem impossible to identify — because standards, like profiling are no longer allowed as criteria.

The Islamists and their sympathizers are not shy.  Those at CAIR say they abhor violence and extremism, yet they spend all their time defending Islam and it’s institutions and only give lip service to the victims of their religion. They do everything in their power to turn Muslim perpetrators into victims and victims of Islamic extremism into perpetrators. It’s just what they do.

Some American patriots are not remaining silent — they are not taking it anymore.  Some American patriots are taking to the streets and doing something about it. In California there is a group called the Counter-Jihad Coalition and what they do is set up information booths at places such as the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Each Saturday night they inform both Muslims and the general public of the threat posed to America and the world by Islamic doctrine and Sharia. A ministry worthy of support.

If you’d like to join in or start your own Counter-Jihad group write to them, they are excited and eager to help. CounterJihadCoalition@gmail.com or find them on Facebook at Counter Jihad Coalition.
David is a deacon at his local church and a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history. Author, speaker, blogger, David lives in Southern California with his wife and their three children. You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus or online at cogitarus.wordpress.com. He’s available for speaking engagements upon request.


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Defending the liberty our Creator endowed upon us, our Constitutional principles, American exceptionalism, culture, heritage and history with truth and reverence -- while engaging the deceptive and dangerous views of utopian fools.
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  1. Ken Olson says:

    Glad to have found you. I admire your study and writing skill. I enjoyed your talk tonight.

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