Serve and Protect or Silence and Prosecute?

The Thin Bureaucratic Line –  When Government Turns On The People

Murrieta California – Bus loads of illegals are being brought north, away from the border into the interior of the nation — not by coyotes engaged in human smuggling, but — by our very own U.S. government.

Few know about it and even fewer understand why?  We’ve all grown to believe that our local law enforcement as well as the national government has at its core the motto “Serve and Protect.”  But it seems over the last 25 years the attitude among law enforcement or at least those in the administration of those procedures has become one of “Silence and Prosecute,” especially when it comes to those defending the Constitution and our national borders.

Protestors stopped several buses in Murrieta, CA on July 2, July 4 and again on July 7.  The government believes that it can simply wear down the resolve of these patriots by returning enough times the protestors will thin and eventually go away.  I certainly hope these heroes take a page out of Thomas Jefferson’s playbook, and know that “eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.”

It is unconscionable that the government of the United States would return with a bus full of illegals, to a city protesting their presence, on “Independence Day.”  Shameful!

On July 7th, the buses arrived again, only this time to the cheers of members of the Mexican supremacist group La Raza (The Race) and the Mexican flag wearing Brown Berets. The anti-illegal protestors were greeted with jeers from the pro-illegal, pro-amnesty counter demonstrators who shouted “we are your gardeners, we are your maids, we pick your fruits and vegetables.”  Glad to hear it, but there is a legal way to come and do these jobs and their is an illegal way. The Americans in Murrieta want it done the right way.  But the issue isn’t as simple as jobs.  It’s the burden illegals put on the social services of the nation and especially California, where 10 billion a year is spent on illegals.  That 10 billion, in hard earned dollars, effectively stolen for the benefit of non-Americans (many of whom are flat out unAmerican) could and should be going towards the general good of the taxpayers of the state, not to the invaders.

If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, I fear he would be a sad and depressed man.  He warned the American people about their future when he said “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”  Under President Obama the engines have been thrust forward to full speed ahead and the government is not only helping record numbers of Americans it is giving away the borrowed treasure to non-Americans in record numbers.  The transformation of America is at full speed and on cruise control.  This flood of illegals is orchestrated and meant to overwhelm the system as to break it and bring about an even more dependent and socialistic system where the tentacles of the federal government are not only in Washington DC but sucking the life blood out of every state in the union.

The opposition protest (in favor of the illegals — amazing beyond comprehension) was organized by an opposition group calling itself the “Tequila Party” which is an off shoot of La Raza, created to mirror the Tea Party.  The leaders of the Tequila Party have called on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (a criminal in his own right) and FBI Director James Comey to investigate the anti-illegal protesting patriots who stood against this violation of human trafficking laws by transporting illegal aliens to the interior of the country rather than back to the capital of their home country as federal law calls for.

Never would I have thought that my government would be calling on riot squads and police barricades to push back patriot concerned for their country — in favor of illegals in buses (driven by government employees, built and paid for with taxpayer money) to be used as human trafficking vessels to bring criminal alien invaders into the heartland of the nation they have sworn an oath to protect.  Insanity!

Immigration, especially illegal immigration changes the look and feel of a country, it alters its composition, the culture, the character of a city, county or region, many of which are simply unable to assimilate the influx of new people, who arrive with a different heritage, different values, different languages, which all has the effect of dividing and disrupting.

We Americans, citizens of the United States, we decide who comes and who stays, we say who is welcomed and who is not.  This is our home.  The only people with a choice, the only people with a voice, with a decision to make are “we the people” of the United States.  America is not the rest stop or security net for the world.  America is a place where only a small number can come and the one’s doing the choosing on who will become our brothers and sisters shall be Americans.

Americans are a unique people, with a unique culture, unique values, and yes, a unique economy.  We have a common culture, common language and at least at one time common values, rooted in the Judeo/Christian ethic.

Those who immigrate here either come to be American, American in every way, or they should not be let in or allowed to remain.  America is no melting pot.  We are “e pluribus unum.”  We are one!  The nation for which you cheer during the Olympics or the World Cup of soccer, is where you should plant your rear end!

The left has done such a tragic dis-service to America over the past 50 years that even the rational thinking conservatives and Christians are often left confused because it has been so bombarded with daily doses of political correctness.  The old faith was justice, right and wrong.  The new faith is one rooted in worship of equality, diversity and race, but never America’s majority race, only the race of the minority and the immigrant.

We are living at a time when the American memory is fading, the past is no longer knowledge but mere stories of old.  Our youngest generations are falling for lies that we are an arrogant and oppressive nation and the lure of an attractive facade that says there are no absolutes and collectivism is better than individualism.

The bullies of the left have skinned alive those who speak the truth.  Few wish to endure the lashes of the liberal whip and choose self censorship instead.  First we were shamed by the “non-judgmental” movement, then again with the “tolerance” movement, followed by the “self-esteem” movement and most recently the “diversity’ movement where unity is somehow found in diversity?  The greatest of these is morality, where everyone chooses his or her own feel good subjective morality but choose wisely, because if you choose the old moral order that begins with God, re-education camp is where you’ll end up.  Choose correctly or they choose for you, those are your two choices.

How much longer are we going to put up with this intolerance of standards?  We have no cornerstone from which to build anything.  Today our foundations have become rubble, shifting sand.

Liberalism is much like a river, it flows effortlessly, not even of its own accord.  Jefferson put it this way, “The natural progress of things is for government to gain and liberty to yield.” In other words the currents of life the political tides always move from individual freedom to collective power. It takes action and energy, the “pursuit” of men, vigilance and work to maintain the freedoms we have or to educate others on what freedom is.  Freedom is not taken from us, it simply fades, like the boat upon the stream, moved not by the efforts of others but by simply the pause for a rest between the rowing.  The patriot, the conservative, the traditionalist must be active, engaged in the pursuit of maintaining liberty.

In 1821 Thomas Jefferson again warned the American people about the dangers of placing Washington DC at the center of political power, “When all government domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks of one government on another, and will become as venal as the government from which we separated.”

The Federal government appears to be treating the local governments as serfs, and if that is so, how then are they treating those tax paying American citizens who once made up “we the people.”  Are we now mere peasants?  And is President Obama the new King George, transparent only in that some of us can see through his lies and deception.

Is it time for another rebellion?

David is a deacon at his local church and a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history. Author, speaker, blogger, David lives in Southern California with his wife and their three children. This piece and many others found here can first be read at or at  You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus.  He’s available for speaking engagements upon request.


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Defending the liberty our Creator endowed upon us, our Constitutional principles, American exceptionalism, culture, heritage and history with truth and reverence -- while engaging the deceptive and dangerous views of utopian fools.
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