Transgender “Rights” Discriminate Against You

Originally Published — November 07, 2013


Note: Three Bathrooms And Nowhere To Potty.  Does anyone care about the 99% who will be offended and subject to the humiliation of the 1% who get to do what they want, when the want, where they want?  Tyranny by the minority is just as wrong as tyranny by the majority.

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This passed summer out in California, the Democrat controlled legislature pushed through a politically correct Transgender Bathroom Bill under the guise of protecting 1/100th a percent of the population from embarrassment — at the expense of embarrassing the other 99.99% of us.

It seems to me humanity has done just fine without confusing the issue on which bathroom to use.  Personally I’d prefer to use the ladies bathroom too — for the sole reason that I wouldn’t have to walk through puddles of urine on the tile or lift toilet lids that have been hosed down by the laziest of the low.  But I don’t mainly because I don’t want to be using the wall-less toilet at my next destination, the gray bar motel, known as the local jail.

Be that as it may jut how is it that the sensitivities of one person trumps the sensitivities and discomfort of the rest of us.  Why is it that liberals have no feelings of empathy for the girls, when the boys decide they want to use this law, as a perverse way of getting into the girls bathroom or locker room?

AB1266 was signed into law by liberal Governor Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown and what it does, is it allows boys and girls to “declare” their “gender” (no matter their God given plumbing) and use either bathroom based on how they feel about their confused sexual identity at any given moment on any given day.  Looks like the peeping Tom’s no long need to hide under cover of darkness or find a window.  It’s kind of like handing out clean needles to the addicts — only now we give the needles pre-filled with the drug of their choice.

It’s these types of laws and incendiary legal thuggery through convoluted thinking that gives us the cultural cesspool we find ourselves hip deep in today and wreaks havoc on a society.  It tears our moral fabric apart, while it divides us unnecessarily because of an ideology that seeks to elevate that which is rare and unhealthy and seeks to put in the closet that which is legitimate and healthy.

Take the recent visit to the University of Oregon by homosexual sex advice columnist Dan Savage, who was paid $24,000 to talk to the students (many still kids) about grotesque deviant perverted vile sexual behavior that only a sodomite could enjoy.

Oregon’s Register-Guard also reported that the speech was in part a launch platform for the university’s new smart phone app that teaches students how to have kinky sex.  Your tax dollars hard at work, and we sometimes wonder why we are having a hard time competing in the new global marketplace.  Rather than teaching chemistry and science, the universities are handing our free contraception and teaching how to live like animals.

I’m sure this is exactly what all those parents are wanting for their kids (not to mention their hard earned dollars) when they aren’t studying for their next exam or calling home to catch up with mom and dad on when they’ll next see each other.

Keith Van Norman, marketing manager for the University of Oregon Health Center, told The Register-Guard that the students benefit from these programs by “sparking thought and new perspectives.”  Seriously?  Isn’t the university supposed to broaden and deepen the thoughts and perspectives of the students not lower them to the neanderthal level of sexual deviance’s.  Since when is the university a place where we are to devalue thought and tear down rather than uplift those for whom we are being paid to teach?

The first universities were created to promote virtue and learning with motto’s like “Light and Truth” from Yale (1701).  Or “to advance learning and perpetuate it to posterity, dreading to leave an illiterate ministry to the churches” from a 1643 Harvard brochure.   This from a time when learning was important and the universities actually produced highly esteemed men and women who founded our nation.  Today they produce liberal robotic minions with mush filled minds who have no other function than to ridicule America and tear her down.

But it isn’t only in California.  Pennsylvania has a few nuts of its own.  Philadelphia’s Mayor, Michael Nutter, has signed legislation that requires all new or renovated city-owned buildings to include three restrooms: men, women and gender-neutral.

Funny how discrimination works these days.  If “whites” wanted their own bathrooms the full force of the federal government would come crashing down upon them and all the sheeple cowards America has produced for fifty years would “understand.”  But give a tiny minority of sexually confused there own bathroom and we’ve all somehow been enlightened and become virtuous and tolerant.

There is good news however.  If you disagree with this kind of nonsense — and act fast — there is still time to do something about it.  In California there is a campaign to repeal the transgender bathroom bill by putting it on the ballot and taking it out of the hands of the legislature who has shown time and again that siding with vice over virtue — even in California — doesn’t always fly.  Help put this important issue back into the hands of the people themselves.

You can download a petition to sign by clicking here:

David is a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history.  He lives in Southern California with his wife and their three children.  Writer, thinker, speaker, blogger, he is the author of many articles as well as the book, The Conservative Directory – The Little Black Book of the Cultural Counter Revolution (1994).  The book was honored with praise from Charlton Heston, Bay Buchanan, Joseph Farah among many others. You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus.  He’s available for speaking engagements upon request.


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