Forget Islamophobia, Ameriphobia is Destroying Us

Originally Published — August 22, 2013

Note:  A million Muslim march on the anniversary of 9-11 can only be called one thing, outrageous.  People do silly things like get married on 01-02-2003 if you’re light hearted or 06-06-2006 if you’re a bit twisted.  But this rallying on 9-11 is absolutely over the top and the greatest out rage since the New York City Ground Zero mosque controversy a few years ago.

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What does a million Muslims marching sound like?  Eerily like the marching of a million man army?  Like an invasion of the Capital?  It sounds a lot like the scare tactics of those who engage in intimidation.  It sounds like the preparations for some kind of war plans with a boastful confidence in victory.  It certainly doesn’t sound like brotherly love and compassion.

For Muslims to host an event on 9-11 (rather than mourning the loss of so many innocent lives) is outlandish.  It is a cruel statement.  Now, to be honest there will undoubtedly be a good percentage of these Muslims — if they show up at all — who are sweet gentle people.  Some honestly sad and possibly even remorseful for what happened on 9-11.  But I would count them as ignorant of true Islam, maybe even secular.  But to make a distinction, I’m not sure there is one.  Any Muslim that attends such a rally on the anniversary of 9-11 cannot truly be a thoughtful and caring individual who understands the pain and anger 3,000 families and millions of American might still harbor.

This isn’t about a quest to say we are sorry.  This isn’t about calling out Muslim brothers and sisters who continue to terrorize an innocent world.  It’s a publicity stunned to expose a straw-man, an imagined intolerance within America, to turn the tables, to blame America.  This isn’t about proclaiming solidarity with America, quite the opposite.  It is about conquest.  It is about garnering that prized golden ring of protected status in American society where victimization meets political correctness.  It’s about becoming a full fledged life member in the “get out of moral accountability club” that comes with no expiration or obligation and can be passed from generation to generation infinitum.

In the summer of 2010 Americans were outraged at a proposed Mosque to be built in New York, at the site known as “Ground Zero.”  As luck would have it, public outrage and a lack of funding prevented the proposal from moving forward with its construction of a 13 story, $100 million mosque in the heart of downtown New York City.

My personal view is that a mosque along with the religion of Islam taught within its walls is antithetical to American liberty.  No one would tolerate nazism being taught freely in America, but we seem to bend over backwards to accommodate Islam, an equally dangerous political ideology.

Islam is much like a parasite — it attaches itself to the host while it slowly drains its foe of it’s life blood, identity and purpose.  The facts of history show that as a Muslim population grows within a country so too does the amount of intolerance and hate and terror the Muslims inflict upon that host culture and state.

The PR machine of the Muslim community hasn’t yet learned from the homosexual and illegal immigrant lobbies on how to win the hearts and minds of Americans, but I’m sure they eventually will.  The homosexual lobby cleverly changed their focus from the outrageous and shocking gay pride parades to the softer emotionally based “Gay’s are just like you” campaign.  While the La Raza and pro-illegal crowds learned to leave their foreign flags at home and to speak and display signs in English, proclaiming themselves to be “hard working people, just like you.”  Well, I hope not a single American (liberals aside) will ever stoop so low as to defend, let alone promote the ideology of radical Islamic Jihadist Muslims that cost 3,000 Americans their lives when the World Trade Center’s twin towers were brought to the ground in 2001.

Tolerance is a word Americans respect — so liberals and grievance groups often get their way by simply brow beating other Americans with it, when in fact no reason exists to be tolerant at all.  Would we stand by and be “tolerant” if a pedophile wanted upon his release from prison to celebrate his new freedom on the site, where the daycare once stood, where his crimes were perpetrated?  It’s sick, it’s evil.  The desire to build a Mosque at ground zero was beyond insensitive, it was an act of superiority by those who want nothing more than to rub America’s noses in the ashes of their dead and the rubble of their industriousness.

There are many diversities in America that make us great, that makes us unique, that make us different, that give us new perspectives to make us stronger and wiser.  There are however a few things that, if not shared, will break us apart and bring us down.  A common faith, common values, a common language, a common culture.  If we aren’t one nation under God, but rather than a divided fractured nation — how does adding more and more people who are not like us going to fix the problem?  Isn’t a major task of government making sure all our people and especially all of our long term visitors and legal immigrants are fully immerse in our culture and language and assimilated as fully American?  If we abandon that simply recipe and allow immigration of people who aren’t like us — we have no chance at long term survival.

Americans need to face some hard facts and dispense with the niceties when it comes to the issue of terror, safety, Islam and Muslims.  We all must acknowledge the fact that while most Muslims aren’t terrorists (at least not in America), the fact remains that almost all terrorists are Muslims.

To ignore this fact is to show a lack of wisdom so foolish as to be inviting more tragedy upon our nation.  Issues involving life and death, borders and security, fear and terror do not require us to be diplomatic or gentle in our wielding of the truth.  This truth must be the tip of the sword.

Even Bill Maher, liberal blowhard and conservative antagonist gets it when it comes to Islam and terror (they’re inseparable).  There shouldn’t be a single Republican or conservative or libertarian sitting on the fence on this issue.  And at least a few liberals are beginning to see the light.

Islam’s entire history is one of violence and death.  Beginning in the sixth century to today, it has never been a religion of peace.  From Captain John Smith’s battles with Muslim warriors at Star Island in the Isles of Shoals off the coast of Maine, to the Crusades, repelling Muslim invasions into Europe, to America’s first war as a nation.  America’s first three administrations, that of Washington, Jefferson and Adams had to deal with the Muslim warlords, off the seas of North Africa, known as the Barbary Pirates.  America has been defending global freedom against an oppressive Islam for hundreds of years.  Most of America remains unaware that we have been defending western values against sixth century barbarism since our nation’s birth.

In 2009 President Barack Obama said to an audience in Cairo, that Islam has always been a part of American history.  Many Americans upon hearing those words, scoffed and recoiled and objected.  The facts never really hit the news but the link between America’s birth and Islam has been confirmed proving President Obama correct.  The truth about Islam has been leaking out to an ignorant America since 9-11 and thank goodness, continues to drip, I only wish the pace was faster.

In 2007 Keith Ellison a convert to Islam was elected to Congress in MN.  Ellison after hearing that Thomas Jefferson once owned a Quran, excitedly requested its use at his swearing in ceremony.  It became a warm and fuzzy national news story for liberals to spout off about tolerance and diversity.  Yet the true story of why Jefferson had a Quran never really took root in the mainstream press.  No one in the mainstream media cared to do their homework.  The story sounded too good to be true and the liberal press couldn’t focus beyond that thrill going up their leg.  As it turns out, the true story behind the Jefferson Quran, is that as President he wanted to know everything possible about this enemy of freedom and the United States.  Jefferson wanted to know in their own words, who they were, what they believed and why they did what they did.

Did you know the story behind the words to the United States official Marine Hymn; “From The Halls Of Montezuma To The Shores Of Tripoli” regarding America’s naval victory over the Muslim Barbary pirates?  These pirates who were taking captive merchant ships, stealing cargo, keeping the treasure and enslaving shipping crews was but one of the reasons for the formation of the United States Department of the Navy.

Multiple studies have shown that over 80% of Mosques in America support violent jihad, while nearly 60% of mosques have invited Imams to speak who themselves promote violent forms of Jihad and over 50% of the mosques surveyed had tracts or other texts that advocated violence.  This is not a record of peace at all.  When the people act violently, they are evil.  When the leaders promote and teach and advocate violence, they are evil.  When the religion and their Holy books teach the violence and mimic the life of its prophet Mohammad then the entire belief system is evil.

The Quran unequivocally advocates terror, lying and murder in the name of Allah. And why wouldn’t it, it’s prophet Mohammad was the perpetrator of all these things; terror (Jihad), lying (Tiquia) and murder.  Mohammad has more blood on his hands and sins against humanity than any modern mass killer, including — Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Hirohito, Pol Pot, Mao, Idi Amin.  Islam has killed an estimated 270 million people.  That is not a record of peace, it’s a record of death.  It is a record of darkness.  And it continues to this very day.

The Quran says of the infidel, the unbeliever, the kafir;
“Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Qur’an 2:191
“When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Qur’an 9:5
“Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Qur’an 5:33
“Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.” Qur’an 22:19
“Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them.” Qur’an 47:4
“Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Qur’an 8:12
“Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Qur’an 8:60

Ignorance I guess, can at its best, be bliss, but I’m afraid at its worst it’s very very deadly.
David is a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history.  He lives in Southern California with his wife and their three children.  Writer, thinker, speaker, blogger, he is the author of many articles as well as the book, The Conservative Directory – The Little Black Book of the Cultural Counter Revolution (1994).  The book was honored with praise from Charlton Heston, Bay Buchanan, Joseph Farah among many others. You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus.  He’s available for speaking engagements upon request.


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