Fact is, Phil is Right

Originally Published — December 21, 2013

Note: Having never watch the A&E show Duck Dynasty I have no idea of who Phil Robertson is or what he believes.  But after the left came literally unhinged at his comments (which appeared to me to nothing more than unvarnished truth) so I had to find out more about this man of virtue and honor and faith.

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“We all go six feet deep, in the ground. I think they’re now digging them about four and a half feet to save money. But we all end up in a casket. People wipe their eyes, because we’re gone. [Long pause] It’s called… FACT.” So goes the opening of a mini-documentary on the Robertson Duck Dynasty family called “I am second.” The quoted text above is the voice of Phil Robertson declaring a biblical truth that says, the wages of sin is death and no man escapes that reality, that truth, unless he has one amazingly awesome friend. The entire video can be viewed on YouTube.

Fact. It’s a word we don’t seem to give serious thought to anymore. It seems opinions and feelings reign supreme.

Phil Robertson has come under fire recently for unearthing a shovel full of liberal scorn for expressing in GQ magazine his biblical understanding that sexual immorality, specifically the homosexual lifestyle is not in harmony with God’s word. [1 Cor. 6:9-11] Liberals seem react to it all with the screech of a bird who has just had his cage rattled.

I am always amused when the debate turns it’s back on whether the controversy is factual or not and goes off into the high grass tackling the peripheral issues of “free speech” or “tolerance” or “equality” or whatever else cluttered thinkers devise to lead the distraction. What ever happened to right is right no matter what anyone else might think of it? What happened to the long held traditional view that what the Bible says is true, even if the whole world disagrees? It seems our intellectual discussions never seem to get that far, to the meat of the controversy, it just declares one the bad guy (Robertson) and the other (the LGBT community) victims. And who could possibly not side with victims?

And so the lies are allowed to win because when the game is called, they are the only ones left on the field of play.

A writer for the TIME web page “ideas” (Brandon Ambrosino, who is apparently gay himself,) wonders aloud on why the LGBT community continues to silence and dismiss those who claim homosexuality is a sin rather than engage them? Presumably to change their minds rather than to send them off to some colony for the politically incorrect.

Brandon acknowledges that the vast majority of those who watch Duck Dynasty, a record setting A&E cable show, would likely agree with the opinions of Phil Robertson, the father and mastermind of a duck call family business that has reaped millions in sales. But he thinks that a dialogue might have an impact in changing minds rather than fomenting enemies and long standing feuds. He is very likely correct. But that is how the left wins almost every cultural battle. They cast aside fact and truth and replace it with emotion. Emotion seems to win every time.

The writer queries whether the heterosexual view of homosexuals isn’t simplistic and shallow. He tries to sum up Phil Robertson’s misperception of homosexuals by calling it juvenile to think it can be boiled down to a “tooshie = bad, vagina = good” mentality. But hey, that is what it is, isn’t it? People interested in platonic relationships are not wanting to get married or have a term “marriage” redefined from it’s only legitimate purpose and meaning — “one man and one women.” All children come into this world because of one man and one woman, fact, period. Never has a child been conceived by two men or two women, nor will they ever be, no matter how “loving” the couple might be to each other.

In his column Mr. Ambrosino assumes, that the Robertson’s of the world see this as a problem of “desire.” But I can tell Mr. Ambrosino it isn’t about desire or temptation or anything else, desire and temptation are not sins. The act of sodomy, that which makes homosexuality, homosexuality, that is what is a sin. The act is the definition of homosexuality. It’s based on “sex” not love or commitment or anything else. That is the plain and simple truth.

The TIME writer appreciates perhaps even admires Pope Francis approach of holding the exact same viewpoint only Francis keeps it to himself. Rather he offers hope and mercy to the LGBT community. The Pope is kinder and gentler because he doesn’t discuss it in public, he holds it as a personal conviction. The truth is the truth and if one is soft and gentle or even silent and one is fire and brimstone, it still remains the truth. Mr. Ambrosino seems to be saying it’s okay to hold the view, just don’t make it public, keep it to yourself. The truth helps no one if it isn’t proclaimed for all to hear.

But what is it about Phil’s view that the LGBT community dislikes? Is it the fact that it touches a nerve? Is it that the homosexual narrative is exposed as not being all about love and equality? Is it the fact that the LGBT campaign for sexual equality, same sex marriage and gay adoption are all perversions that they want to keep bound up and unspoken? Is it the fear that the public at large might actually stand up against sin and vile behavior and become opponents of the LGBT agenda rather than the passive spectators they have been for so long, lazily occupying the shadows on the sidelines of these political and spiritual battles?

I think they reject the simple fact that it is true! Gay sex, first and foremost is against God’s will. But in addition it is unnatural and it is disgusting and it is unhealthy. That’s the facts!

No one seems to defend idolaters, adulterers, thieves, the greedy, drunks or swindlers, or for that matter liars. But nearly everyone who defends homosexuality or pre-marital sexual immorality does so willingly with their own quiver of lies, easily identified as “context,” “justification” and “rationalization.” If Phil would have said lying is wrong, lying is a sin, lying is what bad people do. Would that have gotten him kicked off the show, would that have raised the ire of a portion of the American community? Of course not, because we don’t yet have a group of people who want to be considered victims of the truth, the “fact” that lying is a sin and wrong and against God’s will for us.

The left will defend the nonsense we hear and see under the guise of art, film or music — where the anti-religious, anti-God crowd cheers the artistic expressions of those who would profane decency or place Jesus on a stick and submerge the fixture in a jar of urine and then defend it. Vile language and sexual themes are defended every day by the left.

The undiluted truth — to those addicted or married to their sin — is like fire or light or garlic to a vampire. It angers them. It hits deep. It presses on their tender conscience like poking a bruise. It makes them hiss and spit. It brings out the true essence of what is inside them. Apply pressure and the truth of what is inside will come pouring out. Squeeze an orange and you get orange juice. Simple truth, because that is the essence of an orange, that is what is inside. Apply the pressure of truth, with those comfortable with repulsive sin and vile behavior and what gushes forth is not tolerance and understanding, but rather viciousness and lies that calls bitter, sweet and evil, good.

When someone commits an act of evil (like shooting up a school yard) the left almost never calls it evil or even condemns the actions of the person but rather seeks to find an outside influence(s) that may have caused the person to do what they did (or they blame the weapon). Yet when a conservative Christian speaks up the left demands that they be condemned and that they must take full ownership of their words. Punishment or expulsion are the only acceptable decisions the left will allow. The left has no time for grace, let alone truth. No person or property was harmed in the expression of Phil Robertson’s view. But the left has long forgotten that sticks and stones are what break bones and truths they refuse to hear only burn their ears and conscience in a figurative sense.

Another point worth making is that the views expressed by conservative Christians are generally not theirs or at least not supposed to be theirs but rather the echoing of Biblical truths, God’s truths. These are God’s laws and God’s declarations, God’s proclamations, not the Phil Robertson’s of the world. The left and those who find what Robertson said too rough, unsophisticated and offensive — worthy of a public lynching — need to remember, your issues are ultimately not with the Phil’s of the world, they are with God. And that’s a fact.
David is a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history.  He lives in Southern California with his wife and their three children.  Writer, thinker, speaker, blogger, he is the author of many articles as well as the book, The Conservative Directory – The Little Black Book of the Cultural Counter Revolution (1994).  The book was honored with praise from Charlton Heston, Bay Buchanan, Joseph Farah among many others. You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus.  He’s available for speaking engagements upon request.


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