From The Founding Fathers To Today – The Muslim Slave Trade Continues

Originally Published – July 12, 2013

Note: Islam has a long history of hostage taking, human trafficking, slavery, ransom and conflict, even with America.  Only now because of our lax, politically correct, and discernment free filtering process we are dealing with this political culture of hate and death on our shores instead of on there’s.

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Headlines across the internet share the same shocking story of the arrested of Saudi princess, Meshael Alayban, wife of 88 year old Saudi Prince Abdulrahman bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz al Saud, a polygamist Muslim.

Saudi princess arrested in Southern California for human trafficking

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This story is neither new to Irvine or California and certainly isn’t new to American history.  Just a few years ago we had a similar situation with an Egyptian couple and child slave labor.  Stories abound of honor killings and wife abuse, it just keeps getting worse. Sick!

Story linked here:

This all seems so odd and shocking to us in the west but it is nothing really new.  Islam has always been a political and cultural ideology disguised as a religious philosophy.  It’s an ideology with a history of savage conquest, slavery, subjugation and death, wrapped in peace clothing.  It is a sixth century cultural mindset in a 21st century world.  It is completely incompatible with western civilization.  And yet we allow it to foster and fester right in our own backyard.  It is truly time for the American public to wake up.  Heaven knows our elected representatives in Washington D.C. and our President are asleep at the wheel.

While it is true people of all faiths, nationalities, ethnic groups and cultures have within there group people that do evil.  It’s very different with ideologies and leadership.  When leaders promotes and condone evil, it is the duty of rational, logical people begin to focus on the head of the beast and not simply the actions of the tentacles.

You might ask why is this any different than say the Ariel Castro sex slave kidnapping case in Cleveland Ohio?  Simply because Ariel Castro is a sick depraved man who did evil under his own authority.  He had no mentor, no authority to which he has taken marching orders, only his depraved sexual impulses and lack of self control.

The evil done by Muslims is almost always, under the authority of their cultural upbringing, rooted in the Qur’an and Islam.  Like Hitler, who as the head of the Nazi’s was held to blame for every act of evil and death committed by his followers and military machine, so too is it with Muhammad and Islam.  Their perverted morality makes them directly complicit in the actions of their religious, cultural and political adherents.

In America we don’t blame everyone in a group for what one person in that group does (especially if they are on the left).  But what happens when we are not all playing by the same rules?  Within Islam there is a principal called Al-Taqiyya (Surah 3:28), the ability of Muslims to lie to the non-Muslim or infidels for the purposes of advancing the cause of Islam/Allah.  Because of this, trust is impossible and suspicion is eternal.

And why wouldn’t it be this way? American history is no stranger to conflicts with Muslims.  America’s first war as a new nation was with the ruthless Muslim Barbary pirates of north Africa.

Thomas Jefferson, as U.S. minister to France strongly opposed the tribute paid by America to the Barbary pirate states (which was done for safe passage of merchant ships).  Jefferson favored war over ransom.  The department of the Navy was formed in part as a plan to build a Naval force to oppose the actions of these feral savages on the seas.  The Marines official hymn even speaks to this first war with Islam’s Muslims, “From The Halls Of Montezuma To The Shores Of Tripoli”.

No one, essentially no one believes that all Muslims are terrorists — yet only a fool dismisses the fact that nearly all terrorists are Muslims.

Some try to claim the extremism and terror are rare and unsupported by the majority of Muslims — this is simply naive.  Studies have shown that 96% of all terrorism over the last 40 years is rooted in Islamic ideology.  Other studies have shown that over 80% of Mosques advocate or promote violence, while nearly 60% of mosques have invited Imams to speak who promote violent Jihad and over 50% of the mosques surveyed had tracts or other handouts that advocated some form of violence.  And these are Mosques in America not the middle east.

Listen very closely to what every pro-Muslim spokesperson says about news critical of Islam or Muslim terror.  They’ll nearly always claim victim-hood for the Muslim community.  They’ll claim blaming Muslim’s is injustice.  They’ll claim it’s religious bigotry.  They skillfully turn the tables, blaming the very Americans —  decent and tolerant who are the victims of their violence.  Don’t fall for it!  Fill them with truth.  Truth is like sunlight to bacteria, it causes it to wither and die.

The truth is our antidote to the disease of deceit rooted in Islam.  But only those that hear the truth will get the medicine they require.  So we must broadcast the truth far and wide and without ceasing.  We are at a critical point in American history.  We must not go down the road of Europe regarding blind open immigration and allowing Islam to blend in (or shall I say bleed into) our rich, unique American culture and history rooted in western civilization.

Ben Franklin said at the start of the Revolutionary War, we either all hang together or we shall certainly hang separately.  Best case scenario, if we do nothing, we escape this life naturally, but our children will certainly be fighting this battle to the end, on the streets and in the neighborhoods they once cherished and called home, just like our Founders did at our beginning.
David is a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history.  David lives in Southern California with his wife, Helen and their three children.  In 1994 during the “Republican Revolution” David self published a 300 page softcover book “The Conservative Directory,” The Little Black Book of the Cultural Counter Revolution.  The book was honored with praise from Charlton Heston, Bay Buchanan, Joseph Farah among many others. David is currently mulling the idea of a revised edition that would be searchable and accessible online. You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus


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