Short Term Solidarity – Long Term Destruction

Originally Published April 4, 2013

Note: The folly of the short term benefits of politically correct emotional solidarity with the homosexual crowd clamoring for the right to marry will ultimately lead to social chaos and eventually the complete downfall not only of America but Western Civilization.

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The long term ramifications of same-sex marriage being codified into law, should the Supreme Court of the Untied States rule either in favor of same-sex marriage or against traditional God based marriage, as a right protected by the Constitution, will be the untimely death of Western Civilization, by uprooting the Christian moral code that was the force behind it’s unprecedented rise.

Aristotle warned us and rightly so that “It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal.”

The homosexual community will no doubt celebrate their victory of venery and vice over wholesomeness and virtue should they get the outcome they desire.  However, it will be a hollow victory for they are passengers on the same ship of state we all find ourselves and it will be sinking not rising with this tide.

Should same-sex marriage be codified a protected right it will be the darkest mark on the court since Roe v Wade, when the court found a right to kill the unborn somewhere within the 9th Amendment.

One hundred years ago our government become corrupted when the progressives decided that the Constitution was not a document of limited scope and power.  Seventy five years ago our economy was corrupted by government interference in the free market through oppressive business regulations.  Fifty years ago government through the judicial branch corrupted society by pushing religion from it’s rightful place at the center of our culture to a near banishment from the public square.  Twenty five years ago the family became the final target through legalized abortion, easy divorce, accentuated by the sexual revolution and the rise of the drug culture.  With the fall of traditional marriage there will no longer be the support necessary to keep our once great America from falling like the Greek or Roman empires of the ancient world.

A victory for homosexual marriage will absolutely lead to the over-turning of other laws once protecting society against immoralities such as; bigamy, polygamy and even pedophilia and bestiality.   We have already seen other laws crumble that were erected against similar vices like adultery, premarital cohabitation, drunkenness and drug use.  The once thorny hedges of protection for family and virtue have dried up and died for lack of maintenance through inaction by men and women of honor.  Traditionalists have left the fields unprotected and the looters of virtue have invaded and pulled all vestiges of goodness from the fertile soil of public awareness and it has withered almost without notice.  The issue of legal same-sex marriage will have indeed put us beyond the slippery slope and over the cliff — not only opening up Pandora’s box but leaving us ethically adrift and morally rudderless.

Our once solid standards of morality have been belittled, beaten and shoved in the closet, while all that belongs in the darkness has been put on public display, not only laid bare as if it were equal or perhaps even superior, in a sense to rub our collective noses in it.

The unquestionable long term results of same-sex marriage will be a broken and dying society, a culture uprooted.  While America may still look alive for years or decades to come — it is dying as surely as pulling root and branch from the soil or severing the flower from the stem for which it is nourished.

The devastating impact and legal ramification to church and religion will be perhaps eternal.  It is absolutely clear that those advocating on behalf of the homosexual community and their desire for same-sex marriage haven’t thought this through.  They are as simple minded as they are short sighted.  These know nothings are those who thoughtlessly add pink equal signs to their Facebook pages and disregard the fate of not only a people but that of the greatest civilization and force for goodness in human history.

Are all those joining the parade of marriage equality really thinking about how the churches will now be under a full out frontal assault by their government?  Forcing those who disagree with homosexuality and same-sex marriage to bow down to a golden calf they find abhorrent.  The government “of the people” bound by the First Amendment will now be antagonistic to those that refuse membership to gays and lesbians in their organization or club or who teach truthfully of the sinfulness of such behavior.  The church will be the next victim of — can we call it friendly fire — by the misguided solidarity of those who know not what they have done.

Freedom of religion and freedom of conscience as expressed by Jefferson and the vast majority of our Founding Fathers (including deists) will be trampled, all for the ability to recognize the marriage of those whom God never intended to be yoked together.

The family unit will suffer, children will suffer, societies institutions will suffer, churches will suffer, advocates of religious moral instruction will become lawless bigots according to the very Constitution that was written to protect them from the tyranny of the majority and the courts.  Even those miles away sheltered by private schools or a traditional church going family will, despite strong efforts, have their children poisoned by the pollution of this sexual deviancy becoming a lawful enterprise.  Society will no longer be able to divide itself on this issue — and protect the children — any more than a restaurant could with smoking and non-smoking sections under the same roof.

Divorces which end up with one parent joining together in a homosexual relationship will subject children (and their friends and extended families) to a mental confusion or even psychosis that may last a life time.  Homosexuals adopting children will explode — increasing exponentially the number of children sacrificed on the alter of selfishness.  What good does it do a little boy or girl to be purposely put into a home without a mother or a father?  Only the sickest of humanity would argue that such a start in life isn’t a major handicap, the results of which cannot be undone.

Other than becoming an Amish style recluse community (and even that is in doubt) there will be no more hiding from the advocacy and influence of the homosexual agenda, as it will become part of the promoting the general welfare clause of the progressives in government.  Debauchery and homosexuality has penetrated and saturated our culture, our media, academia, public schools, Hollywood through music, movies and television and even reached into the more liberal religious institutions.  Backed by law it will seek out every nook and cranny to flood.  How then will we wrap our children in the moral armor needed to repel the influencing of their minds against this repugnant deviant sexual behavior?  Where is the life jacket of refuge when the family itself will no longer be able to shield their young?

The homosexual agenda through same-sex marriage is one of complete selfishness.  It is not rooted in love at all.  It is complete plunder of the moral and emotional benefits of traditional family, sadly from a society within which the homosexuals were themselves blessed to have been reared.  Yet they are satisfied to subject other children to even less than they themselves enjoyed.  Same-sex marriage perverts liberty — far from enhancing it, it turns it into a vulgar pathology that leads to a destruction from which there is no return.

Government’s role is the promotion and preservation of justice and what is good, not only for the individual but the culture, the society and their posterity.  That while we are an independent people living in independent states in an independent nation we are unquestionably dependent upon the Creator and subject to His ultimate authority.  Just as murder and stealing and lying are wrong so too is homosexuality.  To let such debauchery rise to the same level of virtue and honor as traditional male-female marriage as found in Genesis is literally to annihilate principle and make moral arbitrariness the new standard.

A case in point is the 2003 Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas, the outcome of which was to redefined male-on-male sodomy — once deemed “a crime against nature” — as a “constitutional right.”

In his descent Justice Antonin Scalia voiced the concerns of many Americans when he said: “State laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality and obscenity are likewise sustainable only in light of Bowers’ validation of laws based on moral choices,” he wrote. “Every single one of these laws is called into question by today’s decision.”  Perhaps Scalia’s pen was running low on ink — whether or not I’ll add polygamy and pedophilia as serious contenders.

Proverbs 14:34 tells us “Righteousness exalteth a nation.”  The opposite is is also true.  That once great shining city on a hill is now emanating almost as brightly as ever — only this time it’s because she is engulfed in flames and burning to the ground.

America, God speed, RIP!

David S. Whitley self published a 300-page softcover book titled; The Conservative Directory — The Little Black Book of the Cultural Counter Revolution. The book was praised by the likes of Charlton Heston, Bay Buchanan, and Joseph Farah of WND quickly sold out its first printing in 1994.  He is currently mulling the idea of a second updated edition that would also be accessible online.  David is a long time student of religion and politics, especially America’s founding era.   His writings have been printed in many publications and on various web sites including at  He twice was an in studio guest on the Dennis Prager talk radio program.  David is available (free of charge) to speak to your group or organization on topics of liberty through the prism of ethics, values and religion.  You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus


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