Silence and Blank Paper

Originally published March 9, 2013

Note: Ignorance is what drives the right to make a mountain out of a mole hill with regard to the John Brennan swearing in on a draft of the Constitution minus the Bill of Rights.  There are plenty of other reasons to be alarmed at Brennan as Director of the CIA.

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Since the swearing in of CIA Director John Brennan at the White House on March 8, by Vice President Joe Biden the news media and blogosphere has been abuzz over the decision to use a draft of the Constitution with no Bill of Rights.  It is completely reasonable to take exception with Brennan’s views on the controversial drone program that might target American citizens or his past statements on Israel or his reportedly being a Muslim convert now working in the highest levels of the American government.  But the brouhaha over his using a draft constitution missing the Bill of Rights is at worst innocuous.  The scorn of his oath taking would have more substance if it focused on his using anything other than the traditional Christian Bible as our Founders set forth as proper.

The conservative hemorrhage at the lack of a Bill of Rights with regards the draft Constitution used for the Brennan oath is a dangerous road to be traveling down.  Conservatives are already behind the eight ball when it comes to educating the once highly educated great middle class gone ignorant low information voter and tax and entitlement defending class.

The Bill of Rights neither adds nor takes away anything from the Constitution, rather, it’s a mirror of the Constitution reaffirming in the strongest terms that which the federal government cannot do.  By putting forth the idea that the Bill of Rights is what grants us our First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights, these alarmists on the right are doing more harm than good to our country’s most sacred document and the future of liberty in America.

During the Federalist debates strong arguments where made against a Bill of Rights for fear that future ignorance might cause a low information citizenry to believe that the list therein were rights granted by the government to the people rather than the unalienable rights of the people that the federal government was formed and entrusted to protect and is completely forbid from intruding upon and powerless to address.

What the anti-federalists said through their Bill of Rights is that the federal government has absolutely no say so what-so-ever when it comes to the issues of freedom of speech, association, assembly, the press, right to bear arms, unreasonable searches and seizures, right to a jury trial and on and on.  It is putting ink and voice to what John Jay referred to as “Silence and blank paper” when he famously argued as a federalist against a Bill of Rights.

While the Declaration of Independence is the why of our government, the Constitution is the how of our government.  The Bill of Rights was added to make sure no one assumed that the how of government gave the central government anything but limited power and defined authority while leaving the states and people independent and free.  The Bill of Rights is a brief and simple highlight of what the federal government cannot do — as found hidden between the can dos and must dos of the Constitution.

David S. Whitley self published a 300-page softcover book titled; The Conservative Directory — The Little Black Book of the Cultural Counter Revolution. The book was praised by the likes of Charlton Heston, Bay Buchanan, and Joseph Farah of WND quickly sold out its first printing in 1994.  He is currently mulling the idea of a second updated edition that would also be accessible online.  David is a long time student of religion and politics, especially America’s founding era.   His writings have been printed in many publications and on various web sites including at  He twice was an in studio guest on the Dennis Prager talk radio program.  David is available (free of charge) to speak to your group or organization on topics of liberty through the prism of ethics, values and religion.  You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus


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