The Left Goes On A Shooting Spree

Originally Published 2013/01/1

The agenda of the left is implemented through the use of ideological warfare parading as news.  The latest crisis of the Newtown shooting and calls for stricter gun control is a case in point.

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The first thing to understand about any big news story, especially a tragedy is that the left both in media and politics will not allow for any time to be wasted before making their agenda the focus of all the news headlines and stories.  Understand that the headlines, the sub-titles, the articles themselves, are first and foremost opinions taken from talking points and are not news at all.  Real news is dead in the mainstream of American media.  It has become a cabal known in George Orwell’s 1984 as the Ministry of Truth, where the official version of all news is that of those in control.  The mainstream media is in cahoots with academia, the American government and the Democratic Party.

These former truth detectors generally follow one of two lines of attack in their war on American civilization and our Constitution.  No matter the tragedy or crisis, they are either spreading their ideological propaganda in one form or another or they are engaging in a form of mass character assassination to undermine their opposition.  This is intellectual warfare masquerading as news outlets.

Ben Shapiro points out in his new book “Bullies” by documenting how the left uses their positions and platforms to silence their opposition through forms of verbal or ideological bullying.  Through the use of political correctness and wedge issues the left pits every possible group against another.  Out of fear of reprisal or simple self consciousness, scores of common sense thinking Americans turn silent and live a life of self censorship.  Unfortunately their tactics work.

The left has in fact perfected the technique.  Their purpose is to smear the reputation of any person who is in opposition to their views, even entire groups of people by claiming a faithful connection between the actions of a lawless lunatic and the views and beliefs held by the “enemies” of those writing the news headlines or their allies in government.

These Orwellian tactics are part of an even bigger plot, rooted in chaos, to gain ideological and political power through demonization using specious arguments rather through thoughtful persuasion and debate.  It always strikes me as utterly amazing how those on the left can look at themselves in the mirror and not be ashamed at their own words when condemning the words, thoughts or beliefs of others.  The left has a very long track record of putting themselves on a pedestal, as the self-important moderator between parties, all the while using caustic rhetoric while claiming to be condemning vitriolic rhetoric.  On this account the left is filled with hypocrites of the highest order.

The left also shows a gross misunderstanding of logic but makes up for it with a brilliant insight into the use of propaganda to almost instantly persuade and convince their readers and viewers that they are devouring truth and facts rather than knowing they being spoon fed the lefts ideological pablum in the form of sweet and fulfilling fallacies.

The classic is the lefts constant drum beat of condemning “judgment” and “intolerance” all the while being judgmental and intolerant?  It’s so predictable.  It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so destructive to the fabric of our society.

The gun control debates fomenting now couldn’t be a more perfect example.

Oh, let us not forget, as assuredly as the sun will rise in the east, these ambulance chasers will use any crisis to further an agenda, most generally under the guise of concern for your safety.

Isn’t it odd how those who are in positions of legislative power, over-sight and responsibility pass the buck when they fail to do their job, then clamor for new legislation, new regulations meant to give them more power and more control?  If the 1994 Feinstein assault weapons ban wouldn’t have prevented Aurora or Newtown and the next Feinstein assault weapons ban wouldn’t have prevented Aurora or Newtown from occurring what is the point, other than the expansion of government power and the elimination of the rights of the people?

The Constitution is but paper and ink if it is not interpreted by its original intent.

As Ben Franklin aptly said so many years ago “Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety.”  And the results of feeding at the trough of the mainstream media will result in the loss of not only precious liberty but also security for all those so eager to find fear and fault with a mere tool and not with the one using it.

There aren’t any gun control laws, in any state, that can prevent a person without a criminal history from obtaining a firearm for a premeditated massacre.  Gun bans and confiscations are the only way for the government to fulfill their utopian fantasies of no guns in America.  In fact, among the top 20 states with the strictest gun laws, as rated by the Legal Community Against Violence, seven have death rates from guns that are higher than the national average.  What does that tell you?  We need a big push in this country against immorality and lawlessness not against firearms ownership.

Eugene Volokh, a law professor at UCLA said he was generally skeptical of gun laws, “The theory is that gun laws may prevent crimes of passion—domestic crimes, altercations over traffic incidents, or committed by someone who is otherwise law-abiding but has an anger problem… gun-control laws can potentially do something, but the kind of crime by which they can do the least is a mass shooting.”

The gun grabbers would do more for liberty and saving lives by understanding that simple fact, than all their gun control ideas combined.

In 1994 David S. Whitley self published a 300-page softcover book titled The Conservative Directory — The Little Black Book of the Cultural Counter Revolution. The book praised by the likes of Charlton Heston, Bay Buchanan, and Joseph Farah of WND quickly sold out its first printing.  He is currently mulling the idea of a second updated edition that would also be accessible online.  David is a long time student of religion and politics, especially America’s founding era.   His writings have been printed in many publications, including at  He twice was an in studio guest on the Dennis Prager radio program.  David is available (free of charge) to speak to your group or organization on topics of liberty through the prism of ethics, values and religion.


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