Christ in Christmas, RIP!

Originally Published 2012/12/07

Note:  Merry Christmas is a greeting of good cheer, no one can dispute that fact.  Its about love and joy and hope and peace no matter your background or religious affiliations.  The move over the last two decades to dilute it and remove it because of its religious connotations is purely driven by the intolerance and ignorance of the politically correct totalitarians among us.

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“Merry Christmas” has made a comeback this year.  The sanitized “Happy Holidays” of the past decade, thank God, has faded in some business circles.

However the news the past month of courts and municipalities and community centers banning religious displays, from baby Jesus manger scenes to Christmas trees, strikes me as the most absurd and intolerant action anyone can take this joyful time of year.

What is it about atheists and other anti-Christians, not to mention these judges and elected officials that don’t understand the plain meaning of the First Amendment?

The First Amendment undeniably and first and foremost protects “religious” speech.  We all know it protects free speech and freedom of expression, but we seem to have lost the most specific part – religious speech and religious expression, not simply religious conscience.  It goes further it prohibit the banning of it.

Just when did Congress make this law establishing a religion in the United States that has the joyless and unbelievers so upset?  Don’t government schools teach truth about American history anymore?  Weren’t any of these First Amendment Scrooges ever taught that the Founders were unanimously Christian?

Are the children taught the truth about Jefferson’s famous “separation of church and state” in his reply to the  Danbury Baptists concerning government meddling in the affairs of the church.?

The Constitution is a hedge protecting the people, the church, protecting the people, protection from the Federal government.  It is not, nor has it ever been a list of rights or liberties granted to the people or the states by the Federal government.  The Constitution is a self evident document “by the people” through which the states established the federal government, giving it limited and narrow powers.  It is a proclamation whose purpose is to insure that the people and states are free and independent and protected.

In the 1960’s the courts banned religious instruction, bible reading and prayer in the public schools.  Despite the fact that the Bible was the main book of instruction of nearly all our Founding Fathers.  The result seen today are crystal clear, we have kids bringing guns and knives and drugs into our schools.  So frequently in fact that many public schools more closely resemble prison yards than institutions of learning.  The news stories of violence and intimidation and even murder are so common that it’s almost the new normal.  The shock and horror of kids killing kids is nearly gone from our calloused consciences.

Since the 1960’s bans of religious expression in the public schools, the infection of intolerance has spread into the public arena.  This left’s denigrating of all that is good and defending all that is indecent is commonplace.  God and faith are no longer allowed at the Inn.  Even the notion that America is “good” is challenged daily by her own citizens on the left.  The Pledge of Allegiance is under assault.

As Lincoln said, “a house divided cannot stand.”  He was right, America is a dilapidated run down shell of it’s former self.  A place hardly recognizable to its oldest generation.  Those who fought and died to rid the world of communism and fascism are spending their twilight watching their own country slip into socialism.

The culture is in a moral free fall when the courts call for the removal of Christmas tree displays in public places but approve the use of public money and public display of such art exhibits as “Piss Christ.”

Today we have very strong very dark sinister forces at work, parading as patriots, that are twisting the original premise of our country as expressed in the First Amendment.

This is a radical movement that at its core says what is good, what is worthy, what is virtuous must never be allowed to see the light of day, never allowed to let be put on display for others to see and enjoy and ponder but rather must be hidden away lost to history and the human experience.

On the flip side, those things that are callous and ugly and offensive, especially to those of a religious persuasion, we are told, not only have the right to be on display but have the right to be paid for by the very citizens they are created to offend.

This kind of thinking can only come from the mind of decadent authoritarians who abhor liberty and all that is good, no matter what their words otherwise proclaim.

Christmas has become commercialized to the point of forgetting the reason for the season.  Furthermore, we’ve allowed Christ to be torn from the tradition of Christmas to where even if they say “Merry Christmas” in the department store or mall, it truly has become merely a not so happy holiday of cheap gifts, joyless parties, traffic jams and long frustrating lines.

In 1994 David S. Whitley self published a 300-page softcover book titled The Conservative Directory — The Little Black Book of the Cultural Counter Revolution. The book praised by the likes of Charlton Heston, Bay Buchanan, and Joseph Farah of WND quickly sold out its first printing.  He is currently mulling the idea of a second updated edition that would also be accessible online.  David is a long time student of religion and politics, especially America’s founding era.   His writings have been printed in many publications, including at  He twice was an in studio guest on the Dennis Prager radio program.  David is available (free of charge) to speak to your group or organization on topics of liberty through the prism of ethics, values and religion.


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